01. She tied the string in a [knot].
02. It was hard to chop the wood because it was full of [knots].
03. The little boy had tied his shoelace in a [knot] and couldn't get it undone.
04. John showed me a good [knot] to use when tying the kayaks onto the roof of the car.
05. She [knotted] a handkerchief around her head to keep her hair out of her eyes.
06. My dad [knotted] a couple of ropes to a strong branch in the oak tree and made a swing for us kids.
07. The young boy had to be shown how to make a proper [knot] in his tie.
08. The little girl was crying as her mother combed her hair because it was so full of [knots].
09. If I don't use conditioner in my hair after I shampoo it, it gets tons of [knots] in it.
10. My stomach was in [knots] when I had to give a presentation in front of the class.
11. The submarine was travelling on the surface at a speed of about 5 [knots] when it collided with a sailboat.
12. There's a [knotty] old pine tree in the yard where the birds always make their nest.
13. A small [knot] of fans waited for the players outside the stadium after the game was over.
14. There was a [knot] of students standing nervously by the bulletin boards where their marks were to be posted.
15. His wife massaged the [knots] out of the muscles in his back.
16. I felt my gut [knot] with tension before I went into my boss' office.
17. There was a fifteen-[knot] wind blowing, so we kept the canoe close to the shore.
18. Just tie your laces in a bow. If you tie them in a [knot], you won't be able to get them undone.
19. Elephants can learn to untie a [knot] using their trunks.
20. A fully loaded supertanker, travelling at a normal speed of around 16 [knots] takes about twenty minutes to come to a stop.
21. The Titanic was sailing at a speed of 22 [knots] at the time it hit the iceberg.
22. We learned various kinds of [knots] in my sailing course.
23. Rock climbers use different [knots] for different functions.
24. A crew member threw her the rope from the boat, and she [knotted] it around a post on the dock.
25. Those [knotty] pieces of wood will burn more slowly.
26. The boat has a top speed of about 10 [knots].
27. His mother showed him how to tie a [knot] at the end of the string in his swimsuit so that it wouldn't slip out.
28. The executioner slipped the rope around the condemned man's neck, and then pulled the [knot] tight.
29. He wrapped a piece of string around the package and tied it with a [knot].
30. A Ghanaian proverb notes that there is bound to be a [knot] in a very long string.
31. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once suggested that man is a [knot], a web, a mesh into which relationships are tied.
32. William Congreve wrote that music hath charm to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a [knotted] oak.
33. John Toomer once stated that we learn the rope of life by untying its [knots].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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